Let’s Work Together

Welcome to the United American Cooperatives website. UAC is a registered non-profit dedicated towards promoting economic equality and cooperation through education and local charitable action. Join or donate today!

What We Do:

Promote the cooperative/employee-owned economy

Hold fundraisers/collect donations for those in economic need

Assist in starting worker-owned businesses

United American Cooperatives seeks to educate and promote a vision of society that has a rich tradition in American history. One in which we are bound together by more than just proximity; one in which the social and economic bonds that unite us are slack enough for individual liberty but, once pulled taught, they are unbreakable. This vision is pragmatic and achievable, but we all have to work together to create it. Our vision is to help establish the tethered network of a local economy based on cooperation. The UAC believes that through this network, as if by an invisible hand, we are lifted up together using this foundation.

Contact us at: UAcooperatives@hotmail.com